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Magic Lift Silk Peeling Mask


Luxury exfoliation with anti-aging properties. A combination of Hyaluronic acid and other ingredients provides a lifting effect. Improves the skin's absorption of active substances for a radiant complexion.

Content: 50 ml
29,9 € / 100 ml
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The NOVAROYAL Magic Lift Silk Peeling Mask affords the luxury of a two-phase pampering programme with multiple effects:

  • The micropeeling granulate cleanses the skin of dead cells, allowing the ‘rejuvenating’ ingredients to be absorbed more easily.
  • A hyaluronic acid formula helps refill the moisture deposits in the skin and smooths even pronounced wrinkles.
  • A support system based on endogenous ceramides supports the production of oxygen deposits in the skin. This accelerates cell regeneration and smooths the complexion.
  • A special combination of active substances with a lifting effect gives you the feeling of fresh, noticeably tight and soft skin.

NOVAROYAL Magic Lift Silk Peeling Mask – the exclusive formula for a youthful, vibrant complexion.

Application: Thorougly cleanse skin. Apply Magic Lift Silk Peeling Mask. Massage in, let soak in for 15 minutes and remove.

Age recommendation

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