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Noble De Luxe Lift & Repair Day & Night


High-tech skin care with award-winning anti-aging, repair and care ingredients. For intensive wrinkle correction, perfect skin regeneration and the effective delay of the skin aging process. Immediately visible lifting effect.

Content: 50 ml
99,98 € / 100 ml
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NOVAROYAL Noble De Luxe Lift & Repair Day & Night Cream is a mix of different award-winning anti-aging ingredients with extensive repair and care properties. This carefully-chosen combination has only one result: the luxury of beautiful, ageless skin.

Perfect Lifting Success

Premium active substances combat the signs of time: oligopeptides and a special amino acid help to smooth expression lines and prevent early wrinkles. An exquisite essence of microalgae has a skin-firming effect and rejuvenates the complexion in combination with a high grade collagen booster.

Extensive regeneration

The advanced active ingredient, baicalin, stimulates cell regeneration, decelerating the skin aging process and giving the skin new vitality and energy. Hyaluronic acid refills moisture deposits in the skin, making it smooth and elastic. Rich skin care substances nourish the skin and give it a velvety-soft feeling.

Discover anti-aging skin care of the highest quality.

Application: Apply the night cream to clean skin in the evening. Massage from bottom to top, avoiding the eye area. Let the cream soak in before applying make-up. Suitable for any skin type

Age recommendation

NOVAROYAL Alterspfeil



  • SYN®-HYCAN, awarded the BSB Innovation Prize, serves as booster and promotes the production of hyaluronic acid.
  • Progeline™ tones loose skin, giving it new density and elasticity.
  • SYN®-AKE, awarded the Swiss Technology Award, helps to smooth expression lines.
  • Adipofill™ helps to smooth wrinkles from inside out, refines pores and makes the complexion more balanced.
  • Aquapront® makes the smoothing of wrinkles possible and decreases the appearance of pores.
  • VitaSource® stimulates cell regeneration and decelerates the skin aging process.
  • HHyaluronic acid makes the skin smooth, elastic and taut.

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