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NOVAROYAL Luxurious Beauty Oil Serum


A rich oil serum containing natural ceramides, caviar extract and pearl-hydrolyzate. High-tech ingredients improve skin volume and decrease wrinkles around the nose, mouth and lips.

Content: 30 ml + Beauty-Geschenk
56,50 € / 100 ml
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Discover absolute skin care luxury with the NOVAROYAL Luxurious Beauty Oil Serum: The combination of an efficient serum with the regenerative power of essential oils for a rapidly perfected complexion.

Extra rich oil

Abyssinian oil is rich in Omega 3 acid and Vitamin E, and is esteemed for its nourishing quality. The skin gets nurtured intensively, becoming velvety-soft and rapidly more vibrant.

Optimum care

Natural ceramides help to strengthen the skin, regulate the moisture balance and protect against external circumstances. Hyaluronic acid, caviar-extract and hydrolyzate pearls complete the nourishing effect.

Intensive wrinkle correction

SWT-7TM, an award-winning, high-tech ingredient based on stem cell technology, improves the skin in multitudes – wrinkles around the lips, mouth and nose are quickly visually reduced.

NOVAROYAL Luxurious Beauty Oil-Serum –
Your beauty secret for the preservation of youthful skin.

Application: Mix the NOVAROYAL Luxurious Beauty Oil Serum with two pumps of your daily cream and apply to a clean face. In the evening, apply two pumps of the Oil Serum directly to a clean face. Briefly let sink in and use a NOVAROYAL night-time treatment afterwards. The Oil Serum pampers the skin with a perfect texture, does not make the skin fatty, spreads easily and is absorbed quickly.

Your Beauty Gift:
NOVAROYAL vacuum massage cup for an “energetic lift“ !

You want your anti-aging treatment to work even better? This is easy with the new NOVAROYAL vacuum-massage-cup, which sucks the skin with its inbuilt vacuum. A fountain of youth effect: the skin becomes exposed to more oxygen, is better supplied with blood and visibly appears younger. In combination with NOVAROYAL Luxurious Beauty Oil Serum, this is the perfect anti-wrinkle-strategy and allows for:

  • The perfection of facial contours
  • The production of collagen and hyaluronic acid
  • Decongestion in the skin tissue and eye bags
  • The correction of even deep wrinkles.

Application: Apply NOVAROYAL Luxurious Beauty Oil-Serum on face, neck and décolleté neckline. Do not massage in. Press together the NOVAROYAL Vacuum Massage Cup before opening (preferably between thumb, index finger and middle finger). Place on the area in question, briefly let go and massage. Do not use in one spot for more than 2 seconds. Following the vacuum treatment, massage in the creme. The treatment can be carried out every second day.

Age Recommendation

NOVAROYAL Alterspfeil



  • SWT-7TM: helps to increase skin volume and to smooth wrinkles around the nose and mouth.
  • Hyaluronic acid: makes the skin smooth and elastic.

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