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NOVASAN Body Wrap Foil


170 m Body Wrap replacement foil. Intensive treatment to combat stubborn fat deposits and cellulite. The combined application of the Compression Wrap with the Body Wrap Contour Gel has a synergistic effect, which helps to reduce the size of problem areas in the body. An additional anti-cellulite effect contributes to the toning of the skin texture.

Content: 170 m Body Wrap spare foil.
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Smoother skin and a smaller body size? Even with regular exercise and a balanced diet, it can be almost impossible to reduce the size of certain ‘problem zones’ in the body. Wrap treatments, which have a long-running record of success at beauty salons, are the only effective solution. The NOVASAN Body Wrap Set offers you the possibility of targeted body shaping in the comfort of your own home.



Step 1: Apply the Body Wrap Contour Gel to problem areas. It contains a premium plant-based substance which, in combination with the compression wrap, works to refine and reduce the size of problem zones. Additionally, essential oils and plant extracts work best when used in tandem with compression treatments, allowing their anti-cellulite properties to give the skin a more even appearance.

Step 2:The wrapping technique with the special foil allows the active substances to better enter the tissue. A lymph drainage effect, which activates the release of fluid retention in the body, will occur.

Step 3:
After removing the foil, the post-treatment gel is applied. The cooling effect helps to stimulate the metabolism and to beautify the skin texture.


A product test supervised by medical experts demonstrated that, with a balanced diet, regular exercise (e.g. walking) and ten body wrap applications, a body mass reduction of up to one clothing size a month is possible. In addition, the skin texture improves dramatically.

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