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Overnight Deluxe Lift & Repair Night Cream


Skin care for intensive skin regeneration and improved elasticity, smoothness and moisture. The award-winning ingredient Neodermyl® smooths even pronounced wrinkles and completes the anti-aging effect.

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Aiming to look young for as long as possible? High-functioning overnight skin regeneration is absolutely necessary. The ongoing skin aging process, stress and environmental factors decrease the regenerative ability of the skin. To balance this, a highly specialised anti-aging skin care solution is essential for the preservation of youthful skin.

NOVAROYAL Overnight Deluxe Lift & Repair Night Cream contains a multifunctional high-tech ingredient promoting skin regeneration. It helps to improve elasticity and moisture significantly, making the skin appear younger. The gold award-winning active substance Neodermyl® contributes to the smoothing of even deep wrinkles and completes the anti-aging effect.

Skin care bonus: 

The combination of lignans and precious vitamin oil nourishes the skin, keeping it velvety-smooth and providing a youthful complexion.

NOVAROYAL Overnight Deluxe Lift & Repair Night Cream –
Give your beauty sleep the best support possible.

Application: Making sure the skin is clean, apply the night cream in the evening to the face, neck and décolleté. Massage from bottom to top, avoiding the eye area. Suitable for all skin types.

Age Recommendation

NOVAROYAL Alterspfeil


  • Glycoin® natural helps to regenerate cells, stimulates collagen production and increases skin moisture.
  • Neodermyl®, awarded with gold at the InCosmetics Exhibition, reduces even deep wrinkles in no time.
  • Uniprotect promotes the regeneration of the skin.

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